I love to live and I live to love.

I am a free spirit Sagittarius who was born in Panama, raised in Miami, and grew up in New York City. I have followed my heart all over the world - singing, dancing, teaching, making friends, and bringing people together to celebrate life. My gift to you is experiential.
art by Hungry Demon 

art by Hungry Demon 

My life has been full of fun, magic, and manifestation. My journey started in my early days as a performer. After graduating with a Photo & Imaging degree from NYU, I started a band with my best friend as a joke to try to lighten the mood in a post 9/11 New York City.

By accident or fate (or maybe because we were having a lot of fun), over the next six years, our band went on to record six albums and tour the globe - all the way to Japan!

In those days, I didn't think of myself as a healer, but when I look back on what we were doing it wasn't all that different from what I'm doing today. We created a space that took people slightly out of their comfort zone to a place where they were liberated of their inhibitions. The more we freely expressed ourselves, the more we gave other people permission to do the same. Without realizing it, I was forming the core concepts of my current healing practice. 

In the early 00s, I collaborated with artist Grant Worth to curate a weekly nightlife event called "Panty Party.” Attendees had to check their pants to get in and, with themes like "business casual" and “Purim,” the party always walked the line between sexy and absurd. Taking your pants off is not unlike removing a layer of your ego that you believe is keeping you safe. Both are about opening up,being vulnerable, and not being afraid to look a little crazy.

After my band broke up, I found myself completely lost. I had no idea who I was without my rockstar identity, so I rode my bicycle across the USA to think about life. I realized I want to be of service to the world and share the fun that I am blessed with. I studied every mystical modality that piqued my interest: Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation, Tarot, Kundalini Yoga, Reiki, Breathwork, Akashic Records, TM, and Sound Healing, and more. 

When I think about how I can best be of service to the world, this is what I come up with; sharing love, making eye contact, helping people feel comfortable enough to express themselves, and making every thing a little more fun, even when things are hard.

Fun Heals Everything is the result of my passion for connecting with people. I truly believe that the more we keep working on accepting ourselves and each other exactly as we are - and the more we keep celebrating being alive - the closer we are to creating a world of peace and harmony. 

2013. Created Dancorcism. Photo by Megan Senior

2010-now. Throwing Retreats. Here I'm sitting on a mountain of Quartz

Avenue D, 2001-2007

2006. Avenue D live in SF

2004. Panty Party: Bermuda Triangle

2008. Girls Gone Wildlife bike trip across the USA

2007. I created a group called The Loconuts 

2010. Volunteering with the Connection Coalition, Miami

"What does it sound like, Mia?" --"The Sun"

2015. Acrobat & Choreographer for 'Minge World' show created by Tanya Gagne that toured to Australia & Bali

2009. I started a dance class and dance troupe in Miami called "Dancetasy" that performed at Calle Ocho-- the same festival where, in 1988, I danced in the Guinness world book of record's longest conga line.

2009. I was invited to bring my class to a performance art event series by J. Morrison.

2016. Dancorcism at the NYC Dance Parade.