Dancorcism is a healing, dance party, and soon also a music album, that takes you on a metamorphic journey through each of your energy bodies towards freedom, self-expression, self-love, creativity, and a sense of community and connection. It is a practice of living in love and celebrating life together in real time. High Vibes. Fun Music. Energy Work. Your Heartbeat is the Shaman.
Oct. 26th, 1:30-3pm at The Park Church Co-op. $25 adv / $30 door

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art by  Leif Goldberg


art by  Midou Cabanas
Though I did dance class as a kid, I was someone who never ever ever danced at parties as I grew too shy, and this class helped me free up some some of those old patterns. I never thought I could move in certain ways... thank you for helping to open the door!!!
— Monika C.
There is only one person who can exorcise AND exercise my demons, and that person is The Debbie Attias! THIS CLASS IS AWESOME. Debbie’s always got a huge smile on her face (even when doing extremely energetic dance moves, haha) and her happiness is totally contagious. The best way I could describe Dancorcism would be jazzercise meets twerkshop with a touch of yoga, all manner of neon spandex, and the most fun soundtrack possible. Oh, and YOU WILL SWEAT. You’ll dance out your demons, obviously, hello, dance-ORCISM, but you’ll also tighten the hell out of those glutes! While laughing and smiling because Debbie’s dance routines (and personality, seriously) are so fun you can’t NOT smile. I’m not a coordinated person in general, and I loved this class. It’s clear that Debbie has a core group of folks who have been dancorcizing religiously and I want to be one of those people.

I feel quite certain that Dancorcism could make even the most cynical bastard smile and eventually, you know, world peace.

— Gail Q
I loved this class so much. Debbie is DIVINE. I left feeling energized, light and completely relaxed.
— Jennifer C.
An open energy that really let me cut loose
— Emily J