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☯ Good Vibrations ☯ Retreat, California

Fun Heals Everything presents...

Good Vibrations: An Out-of-this-World Retreat!

May 2 - May 4, 2014
In the Joshua Tree Desert, California (2.5 hours from Los Angeles)

On our next expedition, we venture deep into the mysteries of the Mojave Desert. Leaving our everyday reality behind, we strip down to our true nature, singing and dancing in harmony with the universe.

We are spending a night at The Integratron!

The Integratron is an energy machine sited on a powerful geomagnetic vortex. People come here from all over the world for “sound baths” and to experience the high energy and healing nature of this place. 

This special place was built by George Van Tassel, an engineer & Tesla scientist who claimed to receive “telepathic directions from extraterrestrials…for the purpose of rejuvenation and time travel…It is built upon an intersection of powerful geomagnetic forces that, when focused by the unique geometry of the building, concentrate and amplify the earth’s magnetic field. Magnetometers read a significant spike in the earth’s magnetic field in the center of the Integratron. ”

Inside the Integratron

Inside the Integratron

We will spend the other night in a giant, 32ft. dome tent in Joshua Tree. (You can bring your own tent if you like more privacy)

Inside the Snuggle Dome

Inside the Snuggle Dome

Outside the SnuggleDome

Outside the SnuggleDome

Included in the cost:
-Lodging for Two Nights (The Dome Tent & The Integratron)
-Healthy Meals, (vegetarian/vegan, mostly organic)
-Daily Meditations
-Sound Bath at the Integratron
-Morning Yoga
-Dancorcism™ (get happy dance class)
-Hiking in Joshua Tree
-Intense Energy
-Incredible people & an Experience of a Lifetime!

Please RSVP
Cost:  $550 with a $250 deposit by 3/1
($625 after)

watch Anthony Bourdain at the Integratron:

Come on, Come on
Feel it, Feel it
Feel the Vibration
(message me with questions)