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Tantric Tingle

Learn how to harness and direct energy through the body with your mind and breath. Explore the pleasure of simple sensual experiences - sight, sound, touch - and connect more deeply to the world. Ride the Waves of Bliss.

This workshop is a combination of movement, sound, and a guided Breathwork session to spiral energy up through the Chakras. It is a personal experience of ecstasy as you learn to expand and circulate good feeling vibrations through your body. In deep states of ecstasy, time disappears, you forget your ego/persona and connect wholeheartedly and authentically to the present moment. Vibrating here, you are magnetic, radiant, vital and blissful. 

$40 Pre-Register/ $45 Day of
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*this workshop is about a personal experience. Singles and couples are welcome. There will be no nudity or partner work. 

Past dates:
February 25th
April 15th

Earlier Event: February 23
Tarot Healing Circle