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Choose Joy: A series of Rituals & Day Retreats

Choose Joy: A series of Day Retreats and Rituals

Choose Joy: A series of Rituals & Day Retreats
With Debbie Attias & Samantha Knopf

This transformative six session series will lead you down a path of intention, rooted in joy and adventure one chakra at a time. Join us for a set of curated day retreats that include local excursions, nourishing foods, connectivity and challenges - each with a focus on opening the stream of energy through a specific chakra.

Life is messy! Let’s find our joy and transcend our limits. Let’s break out of brain jail and all of the patterns that bind us. This is a safe space to shed your protective layers and explore the freedom of your being.


Week 1. Sunday, September 8th
First Chakra: Feeling at home in your body.
Nude Beach, Grounding Ritual
Practice loving and healing your relationship to your body in a naturist setting.
**nudity optional** ;)

Week 2. Sunday September 15th
Second Chakra: Indulging your senses.
Boutique Bathhouse, Purification Ritual
Develop a practice of finding pleasure in the moment as we steam, sweat, and swim.

Week 3. Sunday, September 22nd
Third Chakra: Personal Power and Perseverance.
Hike, Sun Ritual
Break through personal limitations as you challenge yourself physically with a climb in nature followed by a lake swim.

Week 4. Sunday, October 6th
Fourth Chakra: Love, Spirit and Collective Connection.
Breathwork in Nature, Laughter Ritual
Shed old baggage and open yourself fully to unconditional love through the practice of breathwork under the open sky.

Week 5. Sunday, October 20th
Fifth Chakra: Find your Voice and Speak your Truth
Karaoke, Voice Ritual
Get in touch with your creativity and self expression while being heard and held within the group. Then practice sharing it with the world.

Week 6. Sunday, October 27th
Sixth and Seventh Chakras: Perspective and Celebration.
Sunrise Hot Air Balloon, Celebration and Cosmic Frequency Ritual
Float dreamlike above your day to day realities while manifesting higher visions and a broader life perspective. Once your feet touch back on earth dance and feast, bask in the joy and balance you’ve achieved!!

We are so excited to go on this journey with you. It is intended as a fully immersive experience and we encourage you to embark with us on the entire series. We know time and scheduling can be hard, so we will also have a few spots open on each adventure for drop ins.
Entire series (6 sessions): $1500 (save $250)
Individual sessions: week 1-5, $250, Week 6: $500
Each session at a different location in, or just outside, the city.
**Transportation and a delicious lunch included.
***payment plan available

space is limited - secure your spot for the whole journey with a $200 non-refundable deposit
Send a note if you’d like to sign up for an individual session.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Debbie Attias is the creator of Fun Heals Everything and Dancorcism. Through music, dance, retreats and various healing modalities, Debbie brings people together to discover themselves, find their joy, and celebrate life.

Samantha Knopf is a birth doula in Brooklyn who has provided a calm and constant reassuring presence to over 100 women during one of the biggest transitions in their lives. Sam supports and challenges people to step into and unleash the great strength that they carry deep within.

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