Fun Heals Everything
image by  Leif Goldberg

image by Leif Goldberg

Dance to the beat of your heart.

Dancorcism™ is spiritual fitness.
High Vibes. Fun Music. Good Energy.
With Dancing, Stretching, & Meditation, 
You feel Happy, Sexy, & Strong.
Your Heartbeat is the Shaman. 

Group Class every Wednesday
8-9pm. Park Church Co-op
129 Russell St
>>JAN 10 will be last Wednesday weekly class<<

*Mentioned in the New York Times & featured on Telemundo*

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"Everyone needs a Dancorcism; better than therapy, better than drugs!" 
Renata E. 

"I left it feeling happier, freer and lighter than when I arrived."  
Jessica  K.

"Dance with Debbie put the groove back in our marriage!"  
David & Mona S.





I work with magical sciences. 

Come home to yourself. Quiet the mind, release the external expectations, and access the clarity to walk the path of your heart. Remember who you are and what you came to do. 

Healing Sessions can be 60 or 90 minutes long and may include some of the following. 

Breathwork. An intense journey using a specific breathing pattern to shift states of consciousness into deep healing and meditation. 

Tarot. Guidance and wisdom from the cards. (OSHO tarot)  

Sound Healing. Using specific sound frequencies to bring your vibrations into harmony and using your voice to clear the channel between your heart and your mouth. 

Reiki. Passing universal life force energy through the hands. 

Meditation. A practice in staying present. 

I look forward to sharing some magic with you, and assisting you on your path. 

60m $120
90m  $180 (can combine 2 modalities)
Sessions can be in person**, or via Skype
**additional rates apply for in home sessions

"Debbie is an inspiring force to be around. I love my sessions with Debbie. OM Shanti, happy, happy, happy!"
-Boy George, 

"Debbie has a wonderfully fun spirit that shines through in her sessions and creates an environment of lightheartedness."
-Jessica Heinfeld,