Debbie Attias
Lives in Brooklyn, NY

1979. Panama City, Panama

1997. Ransom Everglades High School, Miami, Fl
2001. New York University, Tisch School of the Arts
BFA: Photography and Imaging. Minor: Anthropology


2019. Dancorcism Park Church Co-op, Brooklyn, NY

2018. Dancorcism, OPUS Merriweather Art & Music Festival, Columbia, MD
Life Coach, Coach Event, New York, NY
Dancorcism, Yeah Field Trip, El Capitan Canyon, CA
New Moon Rising, Rise by We, New York, NY

2017. Sound Healing Recording for Werkplaats Typografie, Art Book Fair, Moma PS1, Queens, NY
Tarot Reading, Kate Spade, Spring 2018 Presentation
Full Moon Party,1Hotel, Brooklyn, NY

2016. Mediums Tarot Residency, Ace Hotel, New York, NY
Dancorcism for Youniverse by Hannes Bend, apexart, New York, NY
Dancorcism, House of Yes, New York, NY
Dancorcism, Dance Parade, New York, NY

2015. Mingeworld, Fringeworld Festival, Perth, Australia
Secret Tinas, Stina Puotinen & Alison Kuo, Beverly's/BAM, New York, NY

2014. Dancorcism, Tipi Project, Brooklyn, NY
Dancorcism, The Last Weekend, Catskills, NY

2013. Dispose, Photo LA, Los Angeles, CA
FCKNLZ on Broadway Museum of Arts & Design, New York, NY
Bunkerweltanschauung, Gavin Russom, Micki Pellerano Moma PS1, Queens, NY
Twerky, Cheryl, New York, NY

2011. A Tribute to Hollywood, International Playground, Los Angeles, CA
Money Dance A Go-Go, LA Road Concerts, Los Angeles, CA

2010. Freedom is Free, Solo Show, The Museum of Public Fiction, Los Angeles, CA
Without You Babe, TM Sisters, Miami Art Museum, Miami, FL
First Friday Art Parties, Curator, International Playground, Los Angeles, CA
Dolphin Riderz, Boca Chita Lighthouse, Boca Chita Key, FL

2009. Killer Workout, Space is the Place #11, Brooklyn, NY
Hope Blossoms; Lee Walton, Margulies Collection, Miami, FL
Masks of God, Gallery 58, Jersey City, NJ
Whirl! Crash! Go! TM Sisters, Locust Projects, Miami, FL
Manpurse IV: Assembly Line, J. Morrison, Moma P.S.1, Queens, NY
Miami Bass Warriors & Dancetasy live at Calle Ocho, Miami, FL
Sneak Peak Showcase, Curator, Upper Eastside Garden, Miami, FL
Climateers, Choreographer, King Mango Strut Parade, Miami, FL

2008. Girls Gone Wildlife, Documented Bicycle Adventure across the USA

2007. Loconuts at the Deitch Art Parade, New York, NY
Loconuts at A very anxious feeling, AVAF, John Connelly Presents, New York, NY
Loconuts at The Halloween Parade, New York, NY

{Avenue D Live}
Area 51, Brooklyn NY
Studio A, Miami, FL

2006. Bicycle Project, Pia Dehne, Deitch Art Parade, New York, NY

{Avenue D Live}
Fancy Him, UNIT, Tokyo, Osaka, & Nagoya, Japan
Exit Festival, Novi Sad, Petrovaradin fortress, Serbia
RAUW, Amsterdam & Utrecht, Holland
Mysteryland, Amesterdam, Holland
One Love, Killer Thriller, & Empire,Melbourne, Sydney, & Brisbane, Australia
Coherent, Auckland, New Zealand
103, Berlin, Germany
Spasibar, Oslo, Norway
Troubled Minds, London, UK
Riot Honolulu, & Maui, HI
Hotmess, Seattle, WA
Trannyshack, San Francisco, CA
Panty Party, Soho Lounge, Miami, FL

2005.{Avenue D Live}
The Best is Yet to Come, Celeste Magazine, Mexico City, Mexico
Selfish Cunt, Nag Nag Nag, London, UK
Take me up the Arty, Glasgow, Scotland
Spasibar, Oslo, Norway
Zumbiegarten, Copenhagen, Denmark
Marie Laveau & Uppat Framat, Stockholm & Gothenburg, Sweden
103, Berlin, Germany
Cruise Control, Utrecht, Holland
Electro Au Feminin, & Technopol, Paris, France
Razzmatazz, Barcelona, Spain
Kill White Foam Party, Brooklyn, NY
Holocene, Portland, Oregon
UCSC Santa Cruz, CA
Ultraluxx, Atomic/Hollywood Arena, Los Angeles, CA
Churchill's, Soho, Miami, FL
Club Congress, Tuscon, AZ
Hi-Dive, Denver, CO
Boys & Girls Club, Houston, TX
The Jinx, MJQ, Savannah & Atlanta, GA
Pulse, Albuquerque, NM
The Bunker, Belfast, Ireland

2004.{Avenue D Live}
Panty Party, Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA
Phiiliip, Divided By Lightning, Deitch Projects, Brooklyn, NY
AmpGalaxy, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Gay Marriage Rally, Washington, D.C.
Queenz of Noise, Torture Garden, & The Forum, London, UK
RIO, Berlin, Germany
Ritual, Rome, Italy
Manumission, Ibiza, Spain
RAUW, & Electric Ballroom, Amesterdam, Holland
Revolver, & Backdoor Bambi,Miami, FL
Ultra Festival on VICE stage, Miami, FL
Delancey, Plaid, & Pianos, NYC
Cock N' Candy, Charlotte, NC
The Stud, San Francisco, CA
Forbidden City, Los Angeles, CA
Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT
Wave Waikiki, Honolulu, HI
Popstarz, Nag Nag Nag, & Return to New York, London, UK
TVOD, Manchester, England
Vaseline & Parking, Toronto & Montreal, Canada

K48 4 year anniversary, Deitch Gallery, New York, NY
Club 5, Washington, DC
Start, Boston, MA
CBGB's, Crobar, The Cock, New York, NY
K48 Hell House, Deitch Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Hollywood Athletic Club & Synthetic, Los Angeles, CA
Electroluxe, Rich's, San Diego, CA
Revolver, Miami, FL
Panopticon, Denver, CO
The Metro, Atlanta, GA
Electric Ballroom, London, UK
Aquabeat, Rotterdam, Holland
Betty Ford Klinik, Hamburg, Germany
Club Maria,The Central Club, The Bastard Club, RIO Berlin, Germany
Stinger Bar & Luxx, Brooklyn, NY
Pussycat Lounge, SPA, Don Hill's, Opaline, & Bowery Bar NYC
Electroclash Festival, Henry Fonda Theater, Los Angeles, CA
Electroclash Festival, Great American Music Hall, Los Angeles, CA
Dartmouth University, Lebanon, NH


K48 Bedroom Show, John Connelly Presents, NYC

{Avenue D Live}
Electroclash Festival, Webster Hall, NYC
Bowery Bar, NYC
Warsaw, Brooklyn, NY
Electroclash Festival, Metro, Chicago, IL


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2016. Telemundo, En Rojo Vivo, “Danzorsismo, la nueva moda de fitness” (TV)
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Brooklyn Based, “A rock star, healer and DJ who knows how to get the kid party started”

2015. herewegonow , Playlist, Music Mix

2012. Dispose Magazine Issue 02, “Debbie Attias”

2010. J. Morrison, Space is the Place: Shows 1-23,

2009.Miami Bass Warriors, Self titled LP
Miami New Times “Best Local Girl Made Good: Debbie Attias”
CitiLink Metromix “Beats, Rhymes, and Tarot Cards” Joanie Cox
Miami New Times, “WMC Preview: Sneak Peak Showcase at Upper Eastside Garden”

2008. Totally Magic, Avenue D & Phiiliip, Album, Avenue Dreams
Grade D Beef/D Sides, Avenue D, Double Album, Avenue Dreams
Miami New Times “Former Avenue D Singer Bikes Across America” Jose D. Duran

2007. Avenue DVD, Avenue Dreams, DVD
Miami New Times, “Real Women Know When to Pull Out” Jamie Laughlin
Sydney Morning Herald, “Don't Cry for Me, Daddy” Paris Pompor
Zebra, (Melbourne) “Avenue D: It's not all about sex”

2006. Eurawesome, Avenue D, Album, Avenue Dreams
As Free As We Wanna Be, Avenue D, Album, Avenue Dreams

2005. Live Through This: NYC 2005, Deitch Projects
2D2F E.P. Avenue D, Record, Japan
Big Stereo, “Avenue D,” Travis,
Do I Look Like a Slut? REMIXES *69, CD + LP
You Love This Ass, Phela, CD + LP
Music For Robots V1, Compilation, CD
Yukari Fresh Me, Compilation, CD, Japan
Yum Yum, The Twin, Boy George

2004. Bootleg, Avenue D, Album, Avenue Dreams
The Sex That I Need/Dancin' Avenue D & Kid America, Rough Trade
Do I look like a slut? Avenue D, British Release
Clash of Cultures, MTV Brazil, DVD + CD
DJ Kicks - Erlend Oye, Compilation, CD + LP
K48 Magazine, #5: K48 is an Animal
Pittsburgh City Paper, “Bootys Made For Walking” Justin Hopper
Nag Nag Nag, Compilation, CD

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The Village Voice, “Freak Show” Tricia Romano
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In Magazine, “New York's Worst Kept Secret” Mario Lavanderia
The Village Voice “The French Inhale” Tricia Romano
K48 Magazine, #4: K48 Kult Hymns
Electroclash Compilation

2002. VICE Magazine, “Electrotrash – The Second Coming” Christi Bradnox
The New York Times, Where Sounds of the 80's Provide a Starting Point” Kelefa Sanneh
The Fader Magazine, “Electroclash”
K48 Magazine, #3:Teenage Rebel
Badd Inc, “Luxury Excess Extravagance” Compilation
V Magazine, “Welcome To the Club”

2001. Live @ the Roxy Vol. 4, Compilation