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Heart Songs Sound Healing: Tune In to your Heart <3

The heart knows what the mind cannot understand. 

This is a new kind of a sound bath. Tune in, turn on, & open up your channels of creative expression. We will quiet the mind to listen to the whispers from deep within. Once connected, there will be guided tonings, chants, and harmonies to connect our energies. We will create mantras out of our prayers and deepest heart's desires. With our sounds and attention we will also give and receive power to our fellow participants. 

The energy in your heart gets expressed out into the world through your mouth. So often we hold back words, or keep it in because we are afraid of what people might think. This is a safe loving environment where you can open that up....

Exchange: $35

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*image by Randy Ryandi*


"Walking into Debbie's Heart Song workshop, I was a little timid at first but I knew it was the medicine I needed. I honestly can't say enough incredible things about Debbie. She holds space for each individual person in her workshop, cultivating comfort and an added sense of ease. She is so warm and inviting, my insecure self was immediately met with a sense of belonging. I never thought I would be able to sing with the support of complete strangers but after I did (yes, I really did!), I was met with an overwhelming sense of joy. I felt illuminated with confidence and left Maha Rose walking on a cloud. This workshop was a gateway to a long journey of healing for me and I'm forever grateful to Debbie for igniting the confidence within me! We all already have it but it takes a special person to show us. :)"

- MM

Dec 3, 2016
April 29. 2016
Dec. 15, 2015
Oct 22, 2015
Sept 12, 2015

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