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Trance & Dance for Transcendence

with Debbie Attias & Shauna Cummins

Join us for a Hypnotic Body-Soul Trance-formation

This workshop will combine the techniques of hypnosis, dance, and sound therapy for a powerful body-soul benefit.

In this unique Trance Dance experience, a Hypnosis 'trance' converts our bodies into instruments for transcendence. Through attuning our attention to rhythmic waves of music, vivid visualization, and meditative awareness in a disco-lit space, we will bring the body-mind system into alignment with our most veracious selves.

Drawing inspiration from ancient and modern dance practices such as; Japanese Butoh, Druid trance, Dervish swirling, and free style movement, the workshop will consist of three phases, including a deepening hypnosis, a guided, blindfolded dance meditation, and an all out immersive dance party. The music will not be ‘trance’ music, but rather a curated mix for the journey.

Please join us in the workshop with intentions to let go, manifest, and explore this  dynamic process of hypnotic body-soul trance-formation.

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original image by Sarah Burton